Racketball Rules


Best of 5 games, with each point scoring up to 11. If players reach 10-10, then the game continues until one player wins by 2 clear points.

How to win points

Player fails to make good serve, or a good return.


Awarded to the player winning the previous rally

At start of each game, or hand, the server has the choice from which side to serve, and will serve alternate sides throughout that hand.

Miscellaneous items (Ambiguity on some rules)

  • The Ball: The guidelines are to start on the Blue (bouncier but slightly faster) ball, but move to the black (slower) ball when you feel you are used to the game. Most players prefer the black ball.
  • Let’s and Strokes: Officially there are no strokes, however if your opponent would be in physical danger if a shot had been played a stroke may be awarded.

Due to this ambiguity ESR suggest players should agree the rules prior to commencing play.


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