Brief History

Racketball was introduced to England in the mid 1970’s based on the American game of Racquetball (slight spelling variation) which had been played since the 1950’s. As a sport it has continued to grow ever since, both with in the UK and across the world. Racketball is now one of the fastest growing sports, and the fasting growing racket sport in the UK.

There were and are subtle differences between the US and UK game, which were made such that UK Racketball could utilise the available squash courts. Firstly, US Racquetball is played on a slightly larger court with no tin, and also uses the ceiling. UK racketball matches squash, where of course there is a tin and the ceiling is not used. UK Racketball also uses a slightly less bouncy ball.

Compared to Squash, Racketball uses a shorter racket with a larger head, as well as a bigger bouncier ball. This tends to result in longer and slightly slower rallies as it is much harder to “kill” the ball off. This makes it ideal for players who may have slight mobility issues (like the ones caused by playing years of squash!)


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